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 In exercise of the powers conferred to the Director, national Institute of Naturopathy vide Para No. 27 a) & b) of Memorandum of Association under Rules and Regulation of NIN, Pune the duties and responsibilities of the various officials posted at NIN is assigned as under:-

Sr. No.

Name of the Employee,

Designation of the employee

Duties and Responsibilities.

Shri. A. K. Mishra,
Sr. Consultant (Admin)

He will be overall in charge of Administration and Accounts Sections and all files related to NIN shall be routed through him to the Director.


Dr. D. Sathyanath, Senior Medical Officer.

He will --
1.  function as Senior Medical Officer and will be responsible for  the overall functioning of the OPD and Treatment Sections and  correspondence related thereto.
2.  co-ordinate and conduct programmes such as CME, outreach activities, workshop, seminars etc., and any other professional/clinical activities as assigned by the Director.
3.  deal with all correspondence related to Naturopathy promotion and propagation and any other work assigned to him from time to time by the Director.


Dr. Yuvaraj Paul,
Senior Medical Officer.


1.   He will function as Senior Medical Officer and will be responsible for proper functioning of the overall OPD, Diet Center, Yoga and            Health Shop and correspondence related thereto.
2.   He will ensure that the doctors and staff deployed in various section/departments behave politely, empathetically and helpfully              towards the patients attending the institute and no room for complaints from patients is given.
3.   He will also coordinate and conduct-in-house activities & programmes.
4.   Any other work assigned to him from time to time by the Director.


Shri SurabhSakalle,
Publication Officer

He will be responsible for –
1.  Publication of Nisargopachar Varta Magazine and other publicity material required in NIN for its various programmes.
2.  Arranging press conferences, advertisements and publication in newspapers regarding various programmes of the Institute.
3.  He will be in- charge of Library and will be responsible for proper accounting of all books and publications, subscriptions etc.
4.  He will work as Hindi Officer (Rajbhasha Adhikari) of the Institute and work for promotion of Hindi in official correspondence as per policy of the government in this regard. He will ensure that the use of Hindi is strictly followed as per the Govt. of India’s instructions on the subject by every section/department of the Institute. Mrs. S.M. Darekar, LDC, will assist him in the implementation of Hindi.  She will take orders from him and work under his guidance. All correspondence related to the official language initiated by her will be routed through and approved by the Hindi Officer.
5.  Any other work assigned by Director from time to time.
6.  To work as Managing Editor for Printing and Publishing of Nisargopachar Varta - a monthly bilingual magazine.
7.  To work as Managing Editor for Marathi Nisargopachar  Varta.
8.  To work as  Rajbhasha Adhikari (Sampark Adhikari -Hindi) Handling and Managing Hindi related works of the Office, organizing Hindi Pakhwada
9.  He will be responsible for Handling and Managing Media and Press. Preparation of Press Notes bilingually.
10.  Handling various printing related works related to NIN Activities, Programme and Workshops and visual display materials, finalization of matter and printing viz. banners, leaflets, translates, IEC materials, Monthly workshop books, Monographs, etc.
11.  Liaison works with the Indian Postal Department.
12.  Committee Member for advising Health Shop related activities.
13.  Handling and Managing Library with the help of librarian. Procurement of books as per the guidelines and managing proportionate ratio of Hindi books in the Library.
14.  Committee member for National Natural Food Festival,- handling and managing works of Visual Display and distribution material, Invitation Cards, as per protocol, etc
15.  Letter Correspondence with various Publishers, Subscribers, New Members, Reminder letters, etc. 
Any other work assigned by his superiors from time to time.


Shri Mandar Deshpande, Administrative cum Accounts Officer.

1.  He will work as the DDO  of the institute till joining of regular Admistrative-cum- accounts Officer. 2.  He will be responsible for planning and preparation of budget estimates keeping in view the proposed plans/activities of the Institute to be conducted during the relevant financial and project the budget proposals for the ensuing year accordingly.
3.  He will be responsible for maintenance of Cash Books, Cheque Books, Bill registers, Asset Register and other mandatory registers as per the Civil Accounts Manual. No bills received in the office shall go unentered in the Bills Register. For this purpose all bills received in the office should be marked to the Accounts Section.
4.  He will be responsible for scrutinizing  the LTC, Medical reimbursement claims, advance bills, stipend /salary  bills etc., put up by the dealing clerks strictly in accordance with the Govt. of India’s instructions on the subject.
5.  He will be responsible for maintenance of  Fixed deposits accounts and checking of final accounts, etc.
6.  He will be responsible for preparing draft replies  to Audit observation/HM Sheets etc.
7.  As member of purchase committee deal with the Material procurements for Health shop, NDC, Pathology Lab, and Treatment Sections  etc.  with the approval of  the Director.
8.  He will be in-charge of all vehicles, equipments, plants and machinery in the institute and will be responsible for the proper maintenance of log book of vehicle and AMC for equipment, plants and machinery
9.  He will be in-charge of Naturopathy Diet Centre and  Health Shop and will be responsible for its proper functioning and Accounts. He shall be solely responsible to ensure that the chances of pilferages in these sections are plugged/prevented.
10.  He will be responsible for checking balance sheets, income and expenditure statement and other reports pertaining to the accounts matters.
11.  He will reconcile financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information.
12.  He will ensure that all bills vouchers once paid should be stamped with ”PAID AND CANCELLED”   and duly initialled.
13.  To Discharge any other work assigned by Director/Administrative Officer from time to time.


Shri SudhirDiwane,

He will be responsible for --
1.   the maintenance of computers, hardware, Networking, Broadband, printers,UPS,etc.
2.   the maintenance and updation of Payroll Software System.
3.   the maintenance and updation of NIN's website ninpune.ayush.gov.in with regular follow-up with website service provider. He shall be responsible for strict compliance of the Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW) issued by the Deptt. of Telecommunications, Government of India.
4.   following  up with NIC, Pune for creation of website on NICs Server.
5.   maintenance of OPD Patient Software  system.
6.   maintenance and updation of  Stock & Billing Software at Health Shop.
7.   Procurement of goods and services required for the Institute through the
  GeM Portal and Central Public Procurement Portal. He will maintain such
documents as are required to keep track of the procurements thereunder. Two separate registers should  be maintained for the procurement of goods and services and produced to the Admin. Officer for checking after every requirement is uploaded.
8.   assistance in various correspondence with the Ministry of AYUSH. 9.   the Maintenance of other equipments like Xerox machine, EPABX System, Fax machine, etc. with regular follow-up with respective suppliers and to carry out AMC, where requires. 10.   Assistance in Handling of  RTI cases, handling of  CPGRAM cases, GSLI (LIC) correspondence, etc.
11.   Compilation of Monthly Reports, NIN’s Annual report and preparation of   material thereof, AYUSH in India Report and other periodical information.
12.   Preparation of agenda items and notes for SFC/GB meetings with the approval of the Director and Administrative Officer.
13.   Submission of online RTI, CPGRAM returns, handling court cases, etc.
14.   Supervising and maintenance of the CCTV camera network.
15.   Maintenance of  Register of Peripherals.
16.   Any other work assigned by the Director/Administrative Officer.


Smt. S. M. Darekar

He will --
1.   work as a Cashier of the institute and holder of imprest accounts of NIN and will be responsible for up-keep and maintenance of following registers:
(i) Imprest Cash Register
(ii)  T. A. Advance Register
(iii)   Departmental Advance Register
(iv)   Electricity Meter Reading Register
(v)   Undisbursed Salary/ Stipend Register
(vi) Petro Card Register
2.   He will be responsible for the proper maintenance of the following files and records :-


Contingent Bill file


Electricity ( MSEB ) file


KSB Electrical Maintenance file


Hiring Car file


Govt. Quarters Licence Fee file


Eligibility (NOC) for quarters file


Water tank Cleaning file


Yoga Hall Carpet Washing file


CME prog file


Training programme file


Exhibition file


Seminar file


Awarnessprog file


One day workshop (Yoga Hall) Diet Centre file


Pest Conrol file


Natural Food Exhibition file


Ishanya Exhibition file


3.      Any other work assigned to him by his superiors.


Smt.Mrunalini Arawkar,

She will be responsible for the following works
1.   Maintenance of statutory Books of Accounts 
2.   Preparation of Monthly Expenditure Statements   
3.   Preparation of accounts quarterly and  Finalization of Accounts annually.
4.   Preparation and finalization of  books of accounts in respect of NIN, NDC,  Health Shop , HIV Sanatorium and  NIN CPF.   Preparation of annual accounts in PDA format.
5.   Preparation of  Bank  Reconciliation  Statements
6.   Maintenance  of NIN  Contributory Provident Fund records  of the employees :
7.   Maintenance of files of  Investments of  NIN C.P.F.
8.   Fixed Deposits of NIN CPF a/c, NIN and NDC.   Correspondence with all banks regarding fixed deposits and other matters.
9.   Maintenance of NPS accounts.
10.  Maintenance of Dead Stock (fixed asset) Register.
11.  Preparation of list of fixed assets after depreciation submission of the Dead
Stock Depreciation Register.
12.   Preparation of draft Budget Estimate and Revised Estimates.
13.   Statutory Audit,  Internal Audit and local audit by Chartered Accountant. 
14.   Timely deposit of Govt. dues i.e. Income tax, Profession tax  etc.
15.   Preparation of contingent bills and  drawing of cheques.


Shri Tejas D. Khollam,

She will be responsible for the following works:-
1.   Maintenance of  Service Books & Personal files of all the regular officers and staff, their leave records and LTC record etc.
2.   Preparation of bills in respect of  Pay & other allowances of  officers and regular staff of NIN.
3.   Preparation of  LTC, Tution fee,  Medical claims etc. of the regular staff .
4.   Arrangements for  interviews of the candidates for TATC .
5.   Maintenance of records of  BNYS  internees
6.   Preparation of  advertisements for recruitment of staff through outsourcing agencies. 
7.   Maintenance and upkeep of  all records of  outsourcing  Agencies  and preparation of contract agreements and other related correspondence. .
8.   Assistance to Hindi Officer and other superiors for organising  Hindi Pakhwada, Hindi Karyashala etc.
9.   Work related to issue Office Orders/ circulars and maintain its record including Office Order Register.
10.  Dealing  with Hindi Correspondence & other Hindi-related  work such as preparation of  quarterly, half yearly,  yearly  Hindi   reports. All reports and returns should be submitted timely to the Director through Hindi Officer timely and to take instructions and guidance from Hindi Officer for implementation of official language.
11.   Any Other work assigned by the by the Superiors from time to time.


Shri. Sanjeev Gund,

He will be responsible for the following works:-
1.  Maintaining  Cash  Book of   Naturopathy  Diet  Centre.
2.  Maintaining  Cash  Book of  Health Shop.
3.  Maintaining  Cash  Book  of  NIN Sanatorium.
4.  Maintaining  NIN  Receipt /Payment  Ledger.
5.  Maintaining   Naturopathy  Diet  Centre  Ledger.
6.   Maintaining  Health  Shop  Ledger.
7.  Maintaining  N I N Sanatorium  Ledger.
8.   Monthly  entries  Pay  Bill  Register time to time.
9.  Monthly entries  CPF Broadsheet Register.
10.  Monthly entries   C.P.F. Ledger.
11.  Entries of bills in Bills Register.
11.  Entries of Bills in  cheque  Register &  Preparing  Cheque.
12.  Filing of  Monthly Profession Tax  Challan & TDS Tax  Challan.
13.  Maintaining  monthly  record  of Naturopathy Diet Centre Daily Sale Register.
14.  Preparing  T.D.S. of Fully Vouched  Contingent  Bills.
15.  Maintaining  the  Tax  Challan  file.
16.  Maintaining   the  RTGS /NEFT  file.
17.  Preparing fully Vouched Contingent Bills & other concerned Accounts work assigned from time to time.
18.  Sending RTGS /NEFT   Payment  list to  bank  time to time.
19.  Preparing fully Vouched  Contingent  Bills  for  TDS.
19.   Enrol of  Dead  Stock  fixed  Asset Register.
20.   CPF Subscription cheque & letter.
21.  Payment deduction of  Income tax from salary of  the employees
23.  Any other work assigned by the superiors


Shri Tejas Khollam, LDC.

He  will be responsible for the following works:-
1.   To check the sales records of the previous working day of the Health Shop, collect the sale proceeds from the Health Shop staff and deposit to the Cashier.
2.   To Make Daily receipt &payment  entries in tally ERP 9.
3.   To look after Swachh Bharat Action Plan and submit reports in this connection
4.   To Ministry from time to time and also keeping all its records. 
5.   To Prepare & Maintain   Form No. 16 in r/o of officers and staff of NIN.
6.   To Maintain Outsourced staff attendance and their leave records and checking of their bills.
7.   To prepare pay bills of regular staff of NIN and make recoveries of NPS and its deposition in their respective accounts and keep record of NPS.
8.   To chalk out plan for weeding out of all and old obsolete records.


Shri Subhash Patil, MTS.

He will be responsible for the following works:-
1.  Making entries in the Stock book register.
2.  Maintaining requisition file and  challan file.
3.  Physical stock verification
4.  Making list of items for purchase, making purchase order and arrange it in a proper way.


Shri Manoj Mane

His duties shall, interiliac, be --
1.  To function as the overall in-charge of the Health Shop.
2.  Maintain the records of procurement, stock  and accounts of the sales and  safe custody of the goods.
3.  He shall ensure that ONLY two modes of sales, i.e., against CASH or swiping of DEBIT/CREDIT CARD are followed for the purchasers.
4.  He will ensure that every purchaser is issued a system-generated receipt towards items purchased.
5.   He shall prepare the daily sales record of the Health Shop with the assistance of Mrs. Ashwini Waghchoure, DEO.
6.  He shall deposit the sale proceeds of the previous day to Shri. Tejas Khollam, LDC, on the next working day by 10 a.m. alongwith a printout of the sales records as is shown in the newly installed Software on a daily basis. (In his absence in the Morning Shift, Mrs. Ashwini Waghchoure shall perform this duty)  and will obtain token of receipt of cash deposited with LDC, Tejas Khollam.